Best Home Theatre Projector 2018: Which One to Buy? An In-depth Guide


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So, another super quality projector from the Optoma range, the whole new Optoma HD142X.- The best home theatre projector of 2017. You might be wondering why, right?

The Optoma HD142X is of undoubtedly a big deal, comes out with a HD 1080P, 3D Picture quality in a 1920×1080 resolution.

It produces a detailed and sharp, crystal clear images that is surely a big catch. Furthermore, it uses the latest DLP technology and functions with manual zoom. It also have a lamp of 3000 lumens which is considerably more than average.

So let us take a more detailed look on the features of Optoma HD142X


  • 3000 lumens of lamp power which ensures a long lasting lamp life for your projector.
  • Completely adjustable screen size varying from 66 inches to 8 feet and 107 inches to 12 feet.
  • High definition along with 3D picture quality will promise you an awesome visual experience.
  • It comes with a 23000:1 contrast ratio also enabled with manual zoom technology.
  • It ensures an 8000 hours of lamp hour which nearly lasts for at least 9–10 years.
  • It carries a 10 watt speaker that is enough for the basic needs with the projector.


  • Really long lasting lamp life for nearly 9–10 years.
  • The non compromised picture quality of 3D, HD 1080P.
  • It enables MHL connectivity with smartphones or tablets.
  • The picture and colour accuracy is detailed and sharp.
  • The best thing, it will not burn your pockets as it comes out in the least affordable and decent price.
  • The overall perfomance of the projector is well and efficient and it even has a high accuracy SRGB display mode.


  • The projector experiences black level on the lighter side of the screen as it may affect the clean view.
  • The product lacks the technology of lens shift, which is commonly found in similar range of projectors.
  • It lacks more number of multiple connections as it provides with only two HDMI ports.
  • Moreover the installation features and setup is limited.

Final Verdict

The product is much above the normal expectations and ensures a great performance. So it is a big catch and that is the only reason it went to be the best home theatre projector of 2017.

Best Home Theatre Projector for Money


Most of you would be worried on the price tags of the good quality projectors for sure. It is going to be a real pain, if you search for an affordable good quality projector in the market.

So for minimizing your efforts and time,

JVC DLA X-700R is, one of the best affordable projector that worth

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each and every buck you spend for it. It has a good outlook and finish, glossy black that will give a more classy look for your house. It is undoubtedly the best projector for value, it doesn’t carry buttons or switches in its body, thereby, giving a clean look.

For knowing more, let’s get into the features of the product.


  • Slicker and a glossy black finish that gives a classy outlook for your projector.
  • It has a 3D resolution with 1080P quality of the picture.
  • It has an approximate lamp life of 4000 hours as the lamp is of 1300 lumens power.
  • The installation of the projector is pretty easy, it has flexible legs making the process simpler.
  • It enables liquid crystal silicon display, with 3 chip projection ensuring a good quality picture.
  • It carries wide and vast range of picture settings including iris control and lens shift.


  • The overall image quality is superb, and it cracks a big deal at a cheaper price.
  • The brighter black levels enable a better visual experience for you.
  • It even has got a low lamp mode and a wide variety of other setups.
  • It is more cheaper and beneficial in contrast to other top brands in the market.


  • It is comparatively expensive than its prequel DLA X35, and the picture quality is somewhat similar between the both.
  • The pre-calibration of the image is inaccurate due to variations.
  • The 4K feature enabled in the projector doesn’t add much to the value of the projector.
  • The output produced by the light is limited to a certain extent.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, JVC DLA X-700R is the cheapest projector in contrast to its merits, features, specifications and overall performance. It is the most affordable and the best projector for you if you are going for a superb quality projector with a least possible price tag.

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