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Your favorite music without annoying cables to the smartphone.

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Bluetooth convinces in everyday life.

High-quality sound, stylish design and first-class comfort — these are all criteria that modern headphones have to meet today. Especially the freedom of movement is an important criterion: If you want to enjoy a lot of freedom of movement at home, on the road and during sports, you cannot afford to buy an in-ear headphone with Bluetooth.

Your style, Your sound, Your music.

Headphones are also a fashion statement today. Many rely on a classic black, but also white or colorful models are very popular. In any case, they are fun. The Bluetooth in-ear RP-NJ300B is therefore in addition to noble black and white in great blue therefore! In addition, it offers you some advantages in everyday life:

  • They hardly weigh anything and can be taken anywhere.
  • The sound quality is over-ear headphones in the meantime in nothing and that at much more compact dimensions
  • They are very good for sports.

Experience Bluetooth in-ear headphones!

So that the Bluetooth in-ear holds perfectly in your ears, you can choose between three enclosed silicone fitting pieces — so a firm and at the same time pleasant wearing comfort is achieved.

Is Wireless headphones are said to cause cancer ?

“How dangerous are wireless headphones really? Scientists from all over the world are now warning about the health consequences of modern earplugs.”


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