How to Install Latest Adhell 3.1.1+ with new Standard Knox License Key

by Gadget Rumors · Published August 1, 2018 · Updated January 19, 2019

In order to install Adhell 3.1, you will need to download the full source code, extract it, open the project in Android Studio, and compile it to install on Adhell 3 APK onto your Samsung Galaxy device. There is no direct APK available right now.

Step 1: Generate the Samsung Knox SDK license key

  • Sign in here with your Samsung account.
  • The Knox SDK can be downloaded here.
  • Click on Generate License Key at the left options panel.
  • Go to “Knox SDK” section.
  • Give the key a name in “Add a key alias”.
  • Press “Generate license key”.
  • Copy the key. Note: The key generally starts with letters “KLM”
  • Once generated, the Samsung Knox License key can be obtained here.

Step 2: Download latest Adhell 3.1.1

Step 3: Installing Adhell 3.1.1

  • On your Samsung device, Enable USB Debugging on your phone — Go to Settings > About phone > Software information > Press rapidly about 10 times on Build Number until a message “You are now a developer!” appears. > Go back to Settings > Developer Options > Turn on USB Debugging.
  • Connect your phone to your PC. When you see a popup on phone, select always allow from this computer to enable USB Debugging.
  • Download the latest Adhell master zip from Gitlab to PC or computer.
  • Now extract the Adhell source zip to PC.
  • Download the Knox SDK 3.1 package to PC. (Register > Login > Samsung Developer Account)
  • Download also the associated supportlib.jar
  • Download Support Lib.
  • Extract both the Knox SDK 3.1 Package and Support Lib zip to PC.
  • Copy libs folder from Knox SDK to Adhell source codeapp\libs folder. Similarly, copy all the contents of supportlib.jar to Adhell master\app\libs.
  • Now we need to create the package name. To do so, create file inside app folder of Adhell 3 source app\ . Open the file using NotePad ++ and put in the first line of the file….

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